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Ep. 98 Happiness Doesn’t Require Sunshine

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Every season and every weather condition has it’s joy and beauty, and we don’t ever want adventures, fun, and happiness to be limited to sunshine. So, how do we embrace all seasons and all weather conditions?

Live by the quote, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.” Easier said than done sometimes financial-wise, but having a few quality things can get you far.

Quality Items We Love: 

  • A good pair of base layers can benefit you in all seasons! We love merino wool base layers – gets use in summer and winter!!
  • Rain gear discussed: FaireChild (Canadian company, expensive, but wonderful for kids…cost per wear is incredible – will get you so far! Adult: Arcteryx…secondhand options [“outlet”] right on their website. Also check Facebook Marketplace)
  • Patagonia – secondhand options on their website too

Lauren’s Song Edit: “Rain Rain, You Can Stay. We will go outside to play!” 

Talk Positively About the Weather, So Your Children See:  

  • Rain – We get to go splash in puddles! Catch rain drops on our tongue. Go to the park with rain pants
  • Sun – We can cool down in the shade and with a fan. We can find water to enjoy, or hike/explore!
  • Snow – We can make snow angels, snowmen, sled, ski, snow shoe, make snow balls, etc.
  • Wind – We can fly a kite!
  • Some weather conditions are tricky, because you truly can’t be outside…smoky conditions, etc. So, bring the outdoors in!

Ways to Help with Happiness When Not Seeing Sunshine: 


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