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Ep. 99 ”Be Careful” Alternatives

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There’s no guilt if you’ve used the phrase “be careful” more than a few times, or are still trying to navigate around it, we just want to help put it in another light. Here are some alternatives to “be careful” and WHY!

Risky Play and Nature Education Episode:

        Be Careful – Why is it Not Good: 

  • Kids don’t understand what it means
  • They can’t gauge what we are seeing that they aren’t
  • It can instill fear – they will match your energy
  • Doesn’t get across what we actually want

    What To Do Instead – Be Specific: 

  • “Watch your feet.” “Look out for that branch.”
  • Being specific takes practise. Even if you say be careful, say, “Be careful, there’s a branch.”
  • You’ll see/hear them mimic you eventually – “Watch your head”What To Do Instead – Ask Questions: 
  • What’s your plan? 
  • What’s your next step?
  • Do you feel safe? 
  • How are you going to get down?
  • Are you going to go backwards?Be Mama Bear, or Papa Bear, or Auntie Bear, or any other caregiver when you need to be. You may sometimes need to grab them to keep them safe. [Adri mentions having a retractable lease now as Adri is navigating keeping her 2-year-old safe while she’s wearing a newborn in bear country.] 

    Reserve “Be Careful”, or “Stop” for when it really matters! 

    Other Things You Can Do: 

  • Be the calm for them
  • Practise at home
  • Bend down and get to their height and practise “pause” with them…7000 times
  • Play green light, red light, yellow light 

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