A mom and her young daughter enjoy a snowy outing in Minnesota.

Get ready to ignite your little adventurer’s holiday spirit using our guide to the best Christmas gifts for kids who love the outdoors! This year, give the gift of endless exploration with our specially curated selection of outdoor gift ideas for kids. From rugged gear that can handle any terrain to interactive toys that spark imaginative play, we’ve compiled several exciting gift ideas to inspire adventure in your child. Whether your little one dreams of camping under the stars, embarking on nature hikes, or simply reveling in backyard fun, our gift ideas cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Get ready to make this holiday season unforgettable for your favourite adventure buddies. From stocking stuffers to gifts for the whole family, here are our favourite gifts for Kids Who Explore!


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Fun Stocking Stuffers for Kids Who Explore

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers to inspire a renewed love of the outdoors, particularly in colder winter, here are a few of our favourites to help them explore. Keep reading to discover some of the top outdoor gift ideas for kids this holiday season!

Explorer Patch for a Purpose

Kids of all ages love sporting our Patch for a Purpose! With a range of colours supporting various causes and interests in the outdoors (including anti-bullying, mental health awareness, and children with disabilities), our patches will help kids showcase their love of nature on their school backpacks, hiking packs, or jackets. As one of the best gift ideas for the adventurer kid, these patches will help them transport their love for the great outdoors wherever they go! Connect them with our community of explorers worldwide on and off the trails with one of our Patches for a Purpose.

Explorer patches sitting on a rock in a variety of colours.

Lamington Socks

Whether you are looking for outdoor gifts for toddlers or teens, new merino wool socks from Lamington Socks are the perfect stocking stuffer. Available in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles, explorer kids of all ages will sport these socks with pride on their next adventure. They even offer tights in various sizes for our kids who hit the trails in dresses and skirts! Not only are they perfect for running, jumping, splashing, and playing, but they are also perfect camping gifts for kids to keep toes cozy and warm overnight! Finally, we love them for their temperature-regulating properties and fun patterns – keeping kids warm in the winter/cool in the summer and stylish wherever they go.

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A product shot of 4 pairs of Lamington Socks in varying colors, one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: Lamington Socks

​​L-Bow Gear

Make dressing for winter adventures a breeze with new L-Bow Gear for your kids! Indeed, one of the best gift ideas for adventurous kids, these mittens and booties keep kids warm and outdoors all winter. Uniquely made with a gaiter feature that keeps mittens and gloves on, and snow out, L-Bow Mittens stay on without strings or clips. Then, the booties are specially designed to protect kids’ skin from wind and snow while staying on, no matter the adventure. L-Bow Gear was made by an adventure family in Minnesota for adventure families across the world. Undoubtedly, these are some of the best outdoor gifts for toddlers and kids.

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Explorer Toque

Perfect for all of your winter adventures, our Explorer Toques are the ideal cold-weather companion for toddlers and kids. Sporting our original Patch for a Purpose design, these toques are 100% Canadian-made and will keep ears warm all winter long. We also have them available in a second style.

A product shot of our black Explorer Toque.

Mini Explorers Runny Nose Cloth – Kula Cloth x Kids Who Explore

Runny noses no more! These Mini Explorers Runny Nose Clotha collaboration between Kula Cloth and Kids Who Explore, is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this holiday season. Brightly coloured, these Kula Cloths are designed to help kids with their many outdoor needs (from peeing to runny noses – just not at the same time!). The design easily snaps to any backpack or carrier. Plus, it features a reusable antimicrobial side for those pesky runny noses. Finally, it can be hand-washed or machine-washed between adventures.

A product shot of our Kula Cloth x Kids Who Explore colllab Mini Explorers Runny Nose Cloth.

Jan & Jul Winter Hat

Can kids really have too many winter hats? We don’t think so! We love these Jan & Jul winter hats, which are available in several styles and colours. No matter what adventures await your family this year, the Kids Insulated Winter Hats will keep ears warm with their versatile, water-repellent, and insulated design. Then, the Kids Thermal Beanie Caps are lightweight, soft, and breathable – perfect for cool-weather adventures during the shoulder seasons. Finally, they also offer Kids Cable Knit Beanies and Kids Knit Winter Earflap Hats that are fleece-lined and adventure-ready. From hiking in the snow to winter dessert adventures, there is a Jan & Jul hat to fit your needs this year! No wonder they are one of the best gift ideas for the adventurer kid.

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A product shot of a colorful, floral Jan & Jul Kids Insulated Winter Hat, one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: Jan & Jul

Petit Collage Forest Animals Matching Game

One of the best outdoor toys for kids, this Petit Collage Forest Animals Matching Game will undoubtedly become a new favourite with your young kids. With 24 cards that make 12 matches, these cards feature fun woodland creatures like deer, raccoons, wolves, and rabbits. Plus, a convenient travel-friendly pouch makes it easy to keep all the pieces together when you’re on the go. Whether planning road trips, camping adventures, or just needing a post-hiking break, this matching game is perfect for keeping little explorers entertained and having fun!

REI Shopping Link

A product shot of a Petit Collage Forest Animals Matching Game​, one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: REI

Outdoor Knots - Waterproof Plastic Fan Pack

As one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids and teens, Outdoor Knots is a fun and educational Christmas present. Kids can use the kit to learn 20 knots that cover every rope-tying situation. What a skill to gift adventure kids with! Then, it also features easy-to-read, step-by-step drawings on waterproof plastic cards, making them the perfect companion on your next day-long hike or camping adventure. Easily portable, Outdoor Knots are also ideal for road trips, rainy days, or other times your kids need to keep their hands busy. No wonder this is one of the best outdoor toys for Kids Who Explore!

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A product shot of Outdoor Knots - Waterproof Plastic Fan Pack​.
Photo Courtesy: REI

Unique Gifts Under $80 CAD for Kids Who Explore

Still need more outdoor gift ideas for kids? We’ve got you covered! This section includes everything from fun camping gifts for kids to new outdoor gear – all for under $80 CAD!

Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp - Kids'

Every adventure kid needs their own headlamp, and this one from Black Diamond Wiz is a great option! Virtually kid-proof, this headlamp works right side up or down (because kids!). Plus, it shuts off after 2 hours, preserving its battery life (it takes 2 AAA batteries). Not to mention, the child-safe closure, breakaway strap, and water-resistant design. Kids will love using their new headlamps to read in the tent, explore trails at night, and artfully make s’mores at the campfire. As one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids, the opportunities are endless!

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A product shot of Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp - Kids'​, one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: REI


Whether you are looking for camping or hiking gifts for kids, this Brunton 8010 Eco Compass is sure to impress kids of all ages. Outdoor kids will love learning to use a compass on your next adventure, making this gift fun and educational. With a traditional scouting compass design, your kids will always know how to find their way. Plus, the attached lanyard means you won’t lose the compass either! Whether your kids are interested in navigating a trail or you want to teach them how to adventure more safely, a compass is an excellent addition to their explorer gear. As one of the top gift ideas for the adventurer kids this year, a compass is a unique gift that provides a fun gateway to developing essential life skills!

REI Shopping Link

Two gloved hands hold out a green compass, one of the winter hiking essentials needed with kids.

Outside Inside Backpack Watercolor Kit

Let your kids explore their artistic side with this Outside Inside Backpack Watercolor Kit. Art is a fantastic way for kids to connect with nature. Painting allows them the chance to slow down, observe, reflect, and express the world around them in a fun and creative way. This set includes everything needed, from watercolors to brushes and sponges, and is suitable for all skill leaves, making this one of the best outdoor family gift ideas. Just add water, and a little imagination, and they’ll be on their way! On your next hike, find a scenic spot for your family to sit down, appreciate nature, and create something memorable together. Finally, due to its portable size, this is also one of the best camping gifts for kids.

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Product shot of a Outside Inside Backpack Watercolor Kit​, one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: REI

Outside Inside Wood Puzzle

Outside Inside Wood Puzzle is an outstanding gift for outdoor kids and teens. Not only does it combine entertainment with education, but puzzles promote cognitive skills and patience – both necessary in the life of an adventurer. With a fun and colourful bear design, kids will love working together to put this puzzle together. As one of the best outdoor toys for kids, this wooden puzzle also brings a unique sense of adventure to outdoor or indoor play. While it is recommended for ages 12 and up, with only 185 pieces, it’s a great option for the whole family.

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Product shot of a bear-shaped Outside Inside Wood Puzzle​.
Photo Courtesy: REI

CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. 1.5L Hydration Pack - Kids'

Next on our list of great outdoor gift ideas for kids is the CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. 1.5L Hydration Pack – Kids’. While kids will love the fun colours and sporting their own water bottle, parents love its durable, long-lasting design and safety features. Not to mention, it’s easy to clean and store. It’s perfect for hitting the trails together on foot or by bike. It even has pockets to store a few small snacks. This holiday season, keep kids hydrated on all your adventures with a CamelBak M.U.L.E that is just their size!

REI Shopping Link

Product shot of a mountain-themed CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. 1.5L Hydration Pack - Kids'​.
Photo Courtesy: REI

Think Outside Subscription Box

Looking for a gift you can use inside to brighten long winter or rainy days? Gift kids a Think Outside Subscription Box. Delivered right to your door, these boxes include everything kids and teens need to foster their love for the outdoors. From fun games to explorer gear (like a carabiner), each box is specially designed with engaging hands-on activities to allow kids to build new outdoor skills. Then, each month also covers a different theme, like weather or navigation. They offer a subscription for younger kids (ages 4-7) and older kids (ages 7 – teen). Plus, with subscription plans that fit a variety of budgets, this is undoubtedly one of the best gift ideas for the adventurer kid.

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Product display of a monthly subscription from Think Outside Subscription Box, one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: Think Outside Subscription Box

Odd Dot Outdoor School: Tree, Wildflower and Mushroom Spotting

Do you have outdoor kids who love identifying plants? Then, this Odd Dot Outdoor School: Tree, Wildflower and Mushroom Spotting is the perfect camping or hiking gift for your kids! Nurture their curiosity in the woods with a gift that helps them learn how to count tree rings, identify various flora, survey leaf patterns, and journal their finds. The immersive activities promise to add a sense of wonder to all of your adventures, no matter your child’s current skill level. Certainly, if you’re a world school, home school, or un-school family, this book is an excellent addition to your library!

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Product shot of the Odd Dot Outdoor School: Tree, Wildflower and Mushroom Spotting​ book.
Photo Courtesy: REI

Best Gifts to Encourage Adventures for Kids Who Explore

If you’re looking for fun outdoor gift ideas for the whole family, this section is for you! From outdoor gift ideas for kids to get them on the trails to exciting family getaways, these gift ideas will undoubtedly encourage endless adventures for everyone in your family!


Whether they have tried it before or not, snowshoes make an outstanding outdoor gift for kids, transforming snow-filled hikes into fun winter playgrounds! Winter exploration essentials, snowshoes open up a world of adventure to kids of all ages. Not only do they encourage an active lifestyle year-round, but they will also instill a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and excitement of winter adventures. Snowshoes also allow children to navigate snowy trails easily, making winter hiking a breeze for the whole family. Each with adjustable sizes to accommodate growing feet, REI offers a variety of snowshoe brands, styles, and designs for kids.

MEC Snowshoes Link
REI Snowshoes Link

A dad and his young daughter snowshoe through the woods.

Trail Magik® Kid Carrier

Time to hit the trails with a Trail Magik® Kid Carrier! Suitable for kids 1 year to 43 pounds, the Trail Magik® Kid Carrier is a great option for those looking for outdoor family gift ideas for toddlers. Made with durable, lightweight materials, and designed to be portable and easy to use on the go, it’s the ideal carrier for toddlers and young kids who like the option to be carried or to run on a moment’s notice. While there are a variety of colours offered, we are partial to the co-branded purple Kids Who Explore carrier! We chose purple to raise awareness and focus on the importance of mental health.

A young child in a KWE/Trail Magik collaboration carrier.

Patagonia Gear for Days Outside

Patagonia fleece jackets stand out as excellent outdoor gifts for toddlers, kids, and teens due to their exceptional quality and functionality. Known for its commitment to sustainability, Patagonia designs jackets and other outdoor gear that are not only warm and cozy but also eco-friendly. Then, the fleece material provides insulation against the chill, making these jackets perfect for outdoor adventures in various weather conditions. While parents appreciate their durability and ability to withstand active play and exploration, kids will love their vibrant colours and soft material!

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A product shot of a pink Patagonia child's fleece, one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: Patagonia

New Baselayers for Winter Adventures

Iksplor merino wool baselayers combine comfort and functionality for year-round adventures. In fact, these baselayers provide natural insulation, regulating body temperature in various climates. Plus, adventure families love them for their soft and breathable fabric. Iksplor baselayers ensure optimal comfort during outdoor activities, wicking away moisture to keep kids (and adults alike!) dry and warm. Not to mention, vibrant colours add a playful touch! In addition to baselayers, Iksplor offers a variety of other adventure clothing, including joggers, nursing tops, beanies, socks, and more. Finally, they offer sizes from infant to adult, making Iksplor baselayers one of the top outdoor family gift ideas this year!

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Product shot of bright yellow base layers for kids from Iksplor.
Photo Courtesy: Iksplor

MEC Rain Gear

It’s no secret that we love rainy adventures here at Kids Who Explore! If you’re looking to encourage safe, rainy exploration, MEC rain gear is a must! The MEC Heritage Newt Suit is ideal for head-to-toe coverage when splishing and splashing in the rain. In fact, these rain suits provide full coverage without gaps or places to become untucked. It is available in several colours like zinnia and basil, in sizes from toddler to child 7. For older kids, try the MEC Cozy Aquanator Jacket and the MEC Heritage Rain Pants. Both offer several colours and sizes. If you’re looking for new outdoor gear for kids this Christmas, new MEC rain gear is a great option to keep them exploring in all seasons!

MEC Heritage Newt Suit Link
MEC Cozy Aquanator Jacket Link
MEC Heritage Rain Pants Link

MEC Newt Suite in yellow, the perfect gift for rainy day adventures.
Photo Courtesy: MEC

Morrison Outdoors Gear

Warm baby, happy baby! This holiday season, outfit your little ones with one of the best outdoor gifts for babies and toddlers: Morrison Outdoors Gear. These award-winning sleeping bags are an outstanding choice for your next camping experience with kids ages 6 months to 4 years. Their sleek sleeve design ensures maximum comfort and warmth while also allowing little ones to take a bottle, eat, or play. Plus, their ultralight weight means they are easy to pack and carry, whether camping close to home or embarking on a backcountry adventure. Love the design? They also make an adult version! 

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A dad holds his young child, who is wearing a Morrison Outdoors Gear sleeping bag, while hiking.

Osprey Poco LT Child Carrier

Outdoor families rave about the Osprey Poco LT Child Carrier, and it is easy to see why! Engineered with Osprey’s renowned attention to detail, this carrier prioritizes ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for kids (ages 6 months to 48 pounds) and ease of use for adults. With a lightweight, yet sturdy frame, parents can share the beauty of the outdoors with their little ones, no matter the trail or terrain. The carrier also boasts ample storage, making it practical for longer adventures. Then, features like sunshade protection, provide added safety. Encouraging more outdoor experiences, the Osprey Poco LT Child Carrier transforms family hikes and outings into memorable, shared adventures, making it truly one of the best outdoor family gift ideas.

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A mom wears an Osprey hiking pack, with her child nestled inside, while hiking in the winter.


Are you ready to embark on overnight family adventures with your little ones but worried about how they might sleep? SlumberPod might be the answer! Offering a cozy and private sleeping space that enhances the overall napping and sleeping experience, SlumberPod is an excellent option for traveling with babies ages 4 months to toddlers. SlumberPod’s dark, yet breathable fabric, means babies and toddlers can now sleep just about anywhere! Then, its easy setup and compact design make it an ideal addition to your packing list, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring a restful night’s sleep for everyone. 

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A product shot of a SlumberPod, which a child peeking out from the entrance, one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: SlumberPod

A Family Getaway at Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre

Experiences often make the best outdoor family gift ideas! Why not book a family getaway to Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre in Canmore, Alberta? Situated in the enchanting Rocky Mountains, this hotel features warm and inviting staff, kid-friendly amenities like an indoor pool and on-site dining, and a great location. In fact, it’s just a short drive from Banff National Park (and only about an hour from Calgary). Imagine spending your days hiking and spotting wildlife, late afternoons lounging at the pool, and making memories that will last a lifetime! This Christmas, prioritize quality family time and adventuring together in the Rockies when you book a family getaway to Canmore!

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The logo for Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre.

A Family Getaway with Basecamp Resorts

With properties across Western Canada (plus more coming soon), Basecamp Resorts puts your family right in the middle of all the action! Located throughout the Rocky Mountains, these hotels and resorts offer easy access to endless outdoor adventures all year round. Featuring tons of nearby activities, from hiking and canoeing to skiing and snowboarding, gift your family the adventure of a lifetime this Christmas. No matter your adventure style or your budget, there is a Basecamp property that will work for your family. With so much to offer, it is no wonder a family trip with Basecamp Resorts makes our guide featuring the best outdoor family gift ideas!

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Several guest townhouses at Canmore Resort, opperated by Basecamp Resorts, a family getaway is one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids this Christmas.
Photo Courtesy: Basecamp Resorts

We hope this list of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids helps you find the perfect Christmas gift for your adventure kids! Whether you want to gift a family getaway or need a few remaining stocking stuffers, this guide will indeed have just what you need this holiday season!

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