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Ep. 17 Nature is Music – Lauren Rodych-Eberle Spotlight

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Music is everywhere. Music is in everything. Music can be water running, birds chirping, or wind in the trees. Today, Lauren Rodych-Eberle, one of the voices behind the podcast, calls on everyone to listen for music in the outdoors. Plus, we will talk about food, meditation, mindfulness, and ticks…

Lauren Rodych-Eberle is the Communications and Media Director for Kids Who Explore, and her passions with KWE really lie in sharing knowledge, tips and tricks, and promoting even the smallest of adventures!

Outside of Kids Who Explore, Lauren is the owner and instructor of Miss Lauren’s Music Studio, where she just released a Preschool Music eCourse:

She is releasing her 4th cookbook in 2022 that is specifically for kids! She hopes it helps others pack food on their adventures:

In today’s episode, she will also discuss:

  • How she involves her daughter in ALL things
  • How she’s meditated for 4 years consecutively
  • How she’s learned to check safety for different adventure areas, from bears to ticks
  • How KWE and the IG community inspire her to write

Jan&Jul Sun Hats:

Follow Lauren at: IG: @laurenrodycheberle;; or over on Kids Who Explore!

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