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Ep. 20 Tick Safety with 3 Moms Organics

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This episode is going to make you itchy. We don’t want the fear of ticks to keep you from getting outside, but we do want to arm you with all the tick knowledge, so you can keep those critters away! After listening to this episode, you may be packing a lint roller in your hiking pack, and as a bonus, this episode is full of the beautiful sounds of Long Island birds!

On today’s episode, we sit down with Jennifer and LJ, the founders and owners of 3 Moms Organics, which carries a product we love, TickWise. TickWise is an organic, DEET-free, family safe, insect repellent, that also repels ticks, among many other bugs! Their product is EPA compliant, and is registered in all 50 states in the US. It is sold in over 300 stores and that number is increasing every day. It is also sold on,, and Furthermore, 3 Moms Organics was recently certified as a prestigious Women-Owned Small Business. Both Jennifer and LJ have lived in the Hamptons of New York for all their adult life. They have both raised families in East Hampton and learned early on the dangers of ticks, and the diseases they carry. LJ’s children have each been infected with tick-borne diseases multiple times, as have Jennifer’s. The tick problem has gotten so bad in East Hampton that you cannot even step onto your lawn without finding at least one crawling up your leg.

LJ shares her story of having Neurological Lyme Disease [Neurological Lyme Disease requires a Deet-Free product]. We learn how LJ’s tick knowledge, paired with Jennifer’s essential oil knowledge, sent them down the path to protect their children from ticks (and now, thankfully, many other people)!

All the Tick Safety Tips: 

  • Spray Permethrin on your shoes (spray it outside, and let it dry before wearing; repeat every 2 weeks)
  • Spray yourself (with TickWise)
  • Spray your belongings, including your backpack
  • For babies, do not spray hands or face, but you can spray their clothes, their carrier, their stroller, etc.
  • Wear light-coloured clothing, so you can easily spot ticks
  • Tuck your pants into your tall socks
  • Wear clothes that cover your skin
  • Avoid walking in long grass; although, ticks can also be found in short grass, depending location, and closer to trail where they are looking to feed
  • Use a lint roller (or duct tape) right after adventuring, to take off any ticks that are hanging on clothing
  • At home, strip down, and put your clothing in the dryer on high heat for 1 hour (ticks do not like high heat)
  • Shower and do a thorough tick check, especially warm areas of your body, and your hair
  • Be cognisant of anything that is itchy once inside – look before you scratch!

If You Find a Tick: 

  • If you find a tick around your house, get rid of it
  • If a tick is found on you, remove it immediately with needle-nose tweezers, or a tick twister (remove it slowly, and make sure all of the tick is removed)
  • If the tick has bitten you, put it in a bottle or a plastic bag to send in for testing (do not put it in tape) – check
  • If a tick has bitten you, do the full 28-days of antibiotics (as that brackets the life cycle of the bacteria) – testing for Lyme disease in people is very flawed. The CDC says that just because you test negative, does not mean you don’t have Lyme disease. Testing is only 30% positive
  • **Don’t do the “soap on a cotton ball trick” to remove a tick, because it could leave some of the tick behind, or the tick could regurgitate their stomach contents

Facts about Ticks that will Scare You (Sorry!) 

  • They can sense when someone has walked in the last 5 hours
  • There is a type of tick that can reproduce without a male
  • Mice, rabbits, deer, squirrels carry them around
  • Possums eat ticks

TickWise Spray Info: 

  • It’s been field tested for its efficacy
  • It’s registered in all 50 states in the US
  • It lasts for 2 hours for ticks, and 1.75 hours for mosquitos; then it must be re-applied
  • It is also good for dogs, but not cats.

**If you’re trying to keep ticks away from the yard, it’s best to set up tick boxes, because if you spray the yard, it negatively impacts other animals** 





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