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Ep. 24 Second Hand Adventure Gear with Rowan Rocskar

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We want the outdoors to be accessible for everyone! Sometimes gear is what stands in the way. You don’t need the best gear; you don’t even need new gear. On today’s podcast, Rowan Rocskar, guides us in how to find wonderful secondhand gear for any adventure.

Rowan Rocskar is the Public Relations Manager at Kids Who Explore. She is mama to 1-year-old Stevie. The Rocskar family lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is a short drive to the Rocky Mountains! Rowan and Stevie embarked on many adventures (mostly hikes!) while Rowan was off on her 13-month maternity leave from work. Rowan still tries to get out to the mountains at least once a week, and is now learning to go a bit slower to let Stevie explore too.

Secondhand gear is more responsible for the planet. Rowan suggests trying before buying. Rent items or borrow items to decide if they are worth the purchase.

The Adventure Essentials: 

  • Comfy footwear
  • Food and water
  • Safety items

Where to look for Secondhand Gear: 

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Thrift and consignment stores
  • Friends – lend and don’t forget to give back
  • Kijiji (in Canada)

*Tip: Try looking at surrounding areas or areas your friends live in* 

Items you shouldn’t get secondhand: 

  • Car seats (due to expiry and/or risk of a past car accident)
  • Personal Floatation Devices (if it has been repaired or altered)
  • Helmets (due to expiry and/or risk of a past fall)
  • Bear spray (due to expiry and/or considered a weapon)

For carriers, make sure you try them on! 

Rowan also suggests limiting consumption. 

  • Try a no gift birthday party!
  • Other ideas for gifts: group gifts, donations, experiences, education money

Rowan challenges you to check out the Buy Nothing Project in your area!
(Items gifted from the community)

Or…Rent items (in Calgary) from:

Follow Rowan at:
IG: @rowanexplores


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