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Ep. 29 Limiting Screen Time

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How much screen time should we have? How much screen time should our children have? How do we set limits? And should we all try a screen time detox?! Today, the mamas talk about their relationship with TV and screens, and how they are trying to raise their kids in the digital age!

Lauren’s Relationship with TV –

She gave up TV for Lent in Grade 4, and never went back to it. She never turns on the TV by herself and only watches it with true intention, like picking a documentary with her husband or watching a music show with her parents. Currently, her daughter doesn’t get any screen time.

Adrianna’s Relationship with TV –

She is very casual about TV. At times it gets thrown on or used as background noise. Sometimes she’s into a true crime series or a romantic movie. Usually her attention isn’t ON the TV. Her son is fascinated by the TV, especially when it comes to watching sports with Dad!

Cindy’s Relationship with TV –  

She grew up not watching a lot of TV, but doing movie nights with “snackie dinner” (charcuterie) with her family. When her oldest child became a toddler, she introduced him to TV and tablets. Now with two kids, she tries to watch the amount of time they spend on devices and tries to choose educational shows.

Book Recommendation:  

The Enchanted Hour by Meghan Cox Gurdon

[Discusses reading & shares studies on kids’ brains watching screens versus reading and looking at pictures!]

Some Ideas for Screen Time: 

  • Choose intentional times to use it, like family movie night
  • Create TV Coupons for kids – kids have to give a coupon to watch a show, and everyone has to agree on which show
  • Try a 30-day TV detox

Ways to Watch Your Kids NOT Through a Screen: 

  • Try to be on phone mostly when kids are napping (or tell kids what you are doing on phone)
  • Airplane mode for when kids are using, or on adventures
  • Take photos and videos candidly
  • Watch your kids through your eyes, instead of through the recording screen, while videoing

While travelling, or at restaurants, we hope to use screens as the last resort, instead of the first.  


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