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Ep. 61 Understanding Autism with Gary Martinez Jr.

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Gary Martinez raises his voice for all to hear, as he teaches others about autism. His daughter is on the autism spectrum, and she is his inspiration! His message is one of patience, perspective, and creativity and it is a great lesson for all of us!

Gary Martinez is a father of two, an inspirational speaker, the author of Living Life Through Their Eyes, Our Journey Together On the Autism Spectrum, a personal trainer, and he runs the S.T.A.R. Program, which is a digital Autism Course.

Signs of Autism He Noticed in his Daughter: 

  • She didn’t respond to people
  • She was non-verbal
  • Her play was very lined up and organized
  • She was very repetitive

How He Helps His Daughter Thrive: 

  • Allows her to have to her own space
  • Knows she may not be able to make eye contact
  • Learns about what she is fascinated with
  • Allows lots of play breaks
  • Offers physical space for moving her body
  • Uses the outdoors and music heavily
  • Tries to avoid overstimulation of the senses

How the Outdoors Has Helped His Daughter: 

  • Got her comfortable walking on uneven surfaces
  • Comfort found in the outdoors, especially areas she knows
  • Repetitive motions are enjoyed, such as swings

Some Tips on Meltdowns: 

  • Reduce meltdowns by offering play breaks as many times throughout the day as needed
  • During meltdown, let them experience it in a safe space
  • Evaluate meltdown, some may require distraction (listen to his story about enacting a Disney scene), or co-regulation


Gary’s Call to Action is: Respect differences. Ask parents if they need any help – make a friend!

Follow Gary: 

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IG: @gary_martinez_jr
TikTok: @garymartinezjr


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