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Ep. 65 Ticks Revisited with 3 Moms Organics

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Back on Episode 20, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer and LJ, the founds and owners of 3 Moms Organics, which carries a natural, organic, DEET-free tick and insect repellent, that is EPA compliant, and is registered in all 50 States. We had so many more questions following that episode that we just had to have them back!!

Episode 20, Tick Safety:

Jenn’s daughter was recently bit by a tick. She came home and felt an itch, Jenn looked and saw the tick. She stayed calm. Got the needle-nose tweezers. Removed the tick straight out (do not twist). Washed the area. Put the tick in a plastic bag, wrote the date on it, and taped it to the cabinet. Then they waited for symptoms/signs, because you don’t want to test every tick. She found her daughter had symptoms 2 weeks later, so they sent the tick in for testing, and got an antibiotic from the doctor in the meantime.

If you have a concern and are showing symptoms, ask for tick-borne panel testing, as it tests for more than just Lyme disease.  

Where Ticks Can Be Found: 

  • Long and short grass
  • Beach sand
  • Sidewalk

They have 8 legs, so they hang out and “quest” and then cling onto you. Spring brings a higher chance of tick encounters. 

Steps Before/During Adventuring: 

  • Spray TickWise on you and your equipment (lasts for 90 minutes) 
  • Wear long, light-coloured socks and tuck your pants into socks 
  • Cover up with light-coloured clothing
  • Use Permethrin on shoes (not on skin!!)
  • Reapply TickWise every 90 minutes

Steps After Adventuring: 

  • Use a lint roller on clothing to catch any ticks 
  • Remove cloths, put in dryer for 1 hour on high heat 
  • Check body for ticks; Shower 
  • Don’t scratch without looking 

If You Find a Tick: 

  • Use needle nose tweezers to pull it straight out, slowly
  • Clean area
  • Put tick in plastic bag with date
  • Watch for symptoms
  • If you find it in your house, not on you, burn it

TickWise Spray: 

  • Organic and natural, so no harm having directly on you regularly
  • 3 Moms Organics is all about tick education!
  • TickWise can last for 3 years, if not in direct sunlight
  • Replace bottle more often if in direct sunlight
  • Can also deter many other bugs, including mosquitos
  • Can work in hair as detangler, and to keep lice away
  • “Tick Kit” coming soon!

Signs of a Tick-Borne Illness: 

  • Fever
  • Stomach issues
  • Joints hurting (usually travelling joint pain)
  • Lethargic
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Night sweats
  • Meat allergy (4-8 hours after eating)
  • Anything out of the ordinary for you!

Lyme disease symptoms will show up instantly, but many other tick-borne diseases don’t show up as quickly. 

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