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Ep. 68 Adventuring with Twins with Jenny Carter

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Adventuring with twins (or multiple kids very close in age) is a whole different ball game! Why not learn from a mama who has been doing it for 6 years? Jenny Carter has a ton of fun tips that not only makes adventuring with multiples seem more than do-able, but fun too! Hint: Find an adventure buddy, so you have another set of hands!

Jenny and her husband, John, love adventuring with their daughters, Salley and Lily. They moved to Wisconsin in the fall of 2021 from Arizona. On top of that, she is homeschooling her kids who are currently in kindergarten. The Carter’s got to try new winter activities this year, including snow shoeing and ice fishing. They also adore kayaking, hiking, camping, and road tripping. Plus, they can’t wait to one day introduce the girls to backpacking.

The biggest challenge for adventuring with twins was when they were learning to walk. Going out by herself wasn’t really a good idea, because everything in Arizona was sharp, pointy, or poisonous. She needed another set of adult hands.

Tips for Adventuring with Twins: 

  • Always have another adult helper!
  • Tag team on the trail
  • Each adult can wear a baby, if you aren’t tandem babywearing
  • Pick a short, do-able trail
  • Focus on the desires of the kids, for them to be successful
  • Teach the kids to compromise together
  • Establish boundaries, so they stay close
  • Prepare the night before, and check the weather
  • By age 4, you can pick “points of interest” for kids to get to


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