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Ep. 75 How People Without Kids Can Support Families in the Outdoors

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This has been a topic we’ve been asked about in our community more than a few times – How can people without kids support families in the outdoors? What a beautiful question to ask! We can’t wait to share some ideas.

How to Support Families in the Outdoors: 

  • Be patient in witnessing (tantrums, slow pace; offer words of encouragement and kindness) & avoid comments that sting
  • Find a friend that could use a helping hand; let them know you’re willing to come along
  • Join a community with support/volunteer outreach in mind
  • Offer assistance to a friend you already have and let them choose the difficulty-level and timing of adventure to match their kids’ routine
  • Be flexible


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Today’s Host: @adriannaadventures & @laurenrodycheberle from @kidswhoexplore
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