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Ep. 77 Sharing Your Passions with Your Kids

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Not only is it a beautiful thing to share our passions with our children, but it’s such a treat to see that mutual love shine through in them. If you’re not comfortable in the outdoors, what are some ways you can share an outdoor passion while learning and gaining confidence yourself? That’s what we are here to talk about today!

Tips to Gain Confidence in Sharing Your Passions (or New Passions): 

  • Start Small (practice indoors)
  • Join in with someone who is more of an expert (or communities)
  • Take classes (parent and tot classes help YOU learn)
  • Think about where you are confident, and start there
  • Use resources: We have podcasts, blogs, #kwetips on IG, and more. Plus, kids books are a wonderful resource!
  • Know that it all counts!


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Today’s Host: @adriannaadventures & @laurenrodycheberle from @kidswhoexplore
Production: @kpmediaproductions. Music: @michaelferraro_music