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Ep. 83 Solo Parenting on Adventures with Kirsty Pardede

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Kirsty Pardede calls herself a “can’t stay at home” stay at home mum to two wild kids, Arlo & Eia. 2 weeks after they moved to their new home, Bali, her husband started working away during the week. Learning a whole new way of life with kids was the hardest thing she’s ever done. What kept her happy was getting outside, and exploring their new island home. Get ready to hear many tips on how to solo parent on adventures with kids!

Kirsty was born and raised in the West of Scotland, but currently calls Indonesia home. After years of backpacking around the world, hiking, climbing and living in various countries, her husband Hardin and her returned to Scotland. But even after having kids, settling down there didn’t make them happy, so they jumped on the opportunity to move to Bali, Indonesia in 2019, when Arlo was 1 and Eia was just 10 weeks old. Nowadays you’ll find them hiking, surfing and exploring Indonesia and beyond!

Solo Adventure Tips: 

  • Just go!
  • Go to well-trafficked places
  • Take your dog, if you have one
  • Let someone know where you’re going (can drop pin of location, or use satellite phone)
  • Bring phone charger
  • Make noise
  • Always pack snacks!

Benefits to Getting Out Solo: 

  • Mental health – easier to parent outdoors

Snacks (cannot melt or go bad in heat): 

  • Rice snacks
  • Jelly snacks
  • A lot of fruit
  • Watermelon – for hydration too!
  • Cereal bars
  • Tempeh and other Indonesian snacks
  • Water!! And coconut water

Book Recommendation: The Call of the Wild and Free

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