Kids Who Explore has wrapped up our second Planet Clean-up month and we are so grateful for everyone who participated! After our first successful planet clean-up during Earth Month in April, we decided to create a second virtual event to get your families outdoors! We focused on teaching families and kids to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost — the themes of each week in Planet Cleanup Month. Full proceeds Planet Cleanup went to Water First, who help address water challenges in Indigenous Communities in Canada through education, training & meaningful collaboration. Keep reading to find out how much we were able to raise for Water First….

A huge thank-you to our amazing sponsors — Keen Kids, Elements/Patagonia Calgary, West Coast Kids. You can click on each of them to find their website. Here is a breakdown of each week we focused on:


This week Elements/Patagonia Calgary was our sponsor, and we focused on reducing. Here are some tips to reduce around your home:

– Turn out your lights

– Use washable produce bags

– Hang your clothes to dry

– Skip takeout for the week

– Use a reusable shopping bag

– Use less water for your bath


Our second week sponsor was Keen Kids, and we focused on sharing tips on how you can reuse things — here they are:

– Browse a thrift store

– Use glass jars to buy bulk items at the grocery store

– Save a toothbrush to clean with

– Donate an item to charity

– Sell something you no longer need on Facebook Marketplace

– Use grocery bags for garbage

– Make a craft with an old egg carton


A huge thank-you to West Coast Kids for being our sponsor for week 3. We’ve compiled some tips to help you recycle more:

– Set up 4 sorting bins at home: glass, plastic, metal, paper

– Learn a fact about recycling

– Make seed paper

– Observe how much you recycle in a week

– Find out how far a recycling depot is from your home

– Track how many drink containers you use in a week

– Make a craft with a plastic bottle


Here are some tips to motivate you about composting:

– Build a micro composter

– Eat your leftovers, or freeze them

– Make a food waste action plan

– Eat something past its best before date (if it’s safe to do so)

– Find out what produce keeps well together, and what does not

– Buy produce that isn’t in plastic

– Find out what cities near you have a compost facility 

We raised......

$285 for Water First!!! You can click here to find their website. Ensuring ALL Indigenous Communities in Canada have clean drinking water is something not only important to Kids Who Explore, but people across our Nation. Clean drinking water is not a right, it is a necessity. With all of you, we were able to help deliver that, and we can’t thank you, and our sponsors, enough!

Water First offers educational & training programs, including an Internship, as well as volunteer & partnership programs. You can click here to find out more information on how you can assist in ensuring Indigenous Communities have clean drinking water.

Thank-you to everyone to participated, followed along and embraced Planet Cleanup! We cannot wait to launch our next Planet Cleanup event in Earth Month! Stay tuned for activities, prizes & much more fun.

Happy Exploring! Be sure to tag @kidswhoexplore and use hashtag #KidsWhoExplore & #KWE to share your adventures with us, and your chance to be featured. 

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