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Ep. 106 Embracing Winter with a Baby

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We’ve sure talked about embracing winter a lot over here, but how is it possible while adding a new baby into the mix, and keeping them warm? Today’s episode is full of tips!!

Ep. 36 Thre Three Layer Winter Rule: 

Three Layer Rule: 

  • Base Layer: merino wool (or wool). If the merino wool price point is not accessible, synthetic layers work too!
  • Mid Layer: fleece
  • Top Layer:  water-resistant when they are younger, but waterproof once they are older and playing in the snow or rain
  • Extra: Mitts, Toques/Beanies, Socks, Boots, Neck Warmer (fleece or merino wool – size differs between the two; merino wool is more snug)

Merino wool base layers are good for all seasons, because they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer [also acts as an SPF]. 

Below 0 degrees Celsius, 3 layers. Above 0 degrees Celsius, 2 layers.  

Other Things to Keep In Mind: 

  • Keep it as short as you need to – it all counts, and it’s all worth it
  • Nursing in winter – in the car before and after adventure, or in carrier in nursing-friendly layers are ideal
  • Milk/Water for bottles – keep warm in a Yeti
  • Diaper Changes – in car before and after adventure ideally, keep wipes warm by wrapping clothing around them and keeping them in centre of pack or close to body. If you need to do outside, use Therma Rest Z Seat, and make it quick!! [2 way zippers for littles helps too!]
  • Check baby’s temperature by feeling the temperature on the back of their neck  
  • We limit adventures to when it feels like -15 degrees Celsius and above

Baby-Wearing Clothes & Base Layers Mentioned [Discount Codes]: 


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