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Ep. 39 Packing for Skiing and Snowboarding

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Whether you’ve been skiing or snowboarding your whole life, or you’re new to the sport, there’s a lot more gear to pack with extra bodies. Today’s podcast will help you learn not only what to pack for winter adventures with kids, but also, some helpful tips for on the hill!

What to Pack: 


  • When kids are younger, use wool socks underneath their mittens for extra warmth (they stay on easily)
  • It’s helpful to do the same activity when you’re teaching someone who is learning, partly so you’re facing the same way, and so you can demonstrate
  • Check out different ski hills for different pricing and accessibility (some ski hills, 5-year-olds and younger are free)
  • Look for second hand gear for little ones, as their gear doesn’t get too worn out
  • Pack the night before by laying out all the layers, and loading up the gear in the car
  • Practice at home, or in a park, before you go to the slopes!
  • Bring more adults, and take turns with the runs


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Today’s Hosts: @laurenrodycheberle & @cldowsett from @kidswhoexplore

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