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Ep. 84 Breastfeeding and Bottle-Feeding on the Trail

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One thing that can be overwhelming for adventure families is how to feed their babies on the adventure. We hope that by sending some ideas out there, we will inspire you to get out and try it – because actively doing it will help you find what works best for your family!

Tips for all:

  • Feed in the car before/after adventure
  • Have more than you think you need when it comes to snacks, always! Life-long lesson
  • Have something for older kids/toddlers to keep them close: Nature journal, books, scavenger hunt, snacks, their own baby and carrier
  • Have something to sit on – EZ Seat or Rumpl Blanket, for example

Breastfeeding Tips:

Listen back to episode Ep. 30 Nursing On-The-Trail with Petra Sporinova

about breastfeeding on-the-go –

Bottle-Feeding Tips: 

  • Start with small adventures to be close to supplies 
  • Steam bottles, prep measurements ahead of time in each bottle, and put in Ziploc bags (or bring entire formula kit in tote bag in adventure wagon, or car)
  • Use Yeti mug with hot water (or buzz through a drive thru and get hot water, if you forget)
  • If using premade formula bottles, during cold weather wrap them up in clothing and put them in the middle of your pack, so they don’t freeze
  • Try ‘not as hot’ bottles at home, to see if your baby can tolerate them
  • Clean bottles after adventures


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